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Metal and Horror... the perfect match.
The History of Metal and Horror is the documentary that explores the history of heavy metal music and horror, and how the two genres have merged over time. Various metal artists share their first introduction to horror, their favorite horror films, their influences, and more. Horror film icons also discuss how their films have influenced the horror genre, their connections to metal artists, and why metal and horror work well together.

We'll confess to weeping just a little when we heard filmmaker Mike Schiff's History of Horror & Metal project existed. It kind of felt like the payoff to decades of unanswered letters to Santa. OR was it SATAN? Schiff pulled together so many incredible musicians to talk about the confluence of metal and Horror that had the ghost of Lemmy showed up to chat for a bit; we would have just rolled with it. Don't even get us started on the nifty little bow on top of it all that is horror legend Michael Berryman's appearance as "THE HOST." Metal and Horror are lucky that Schiff's the man who took this dark quest upon himself; his love and knowledge of both subjects shine through, and the result is an absolute blast to behold. - Chris Dortch


Directed by Mike Schiff

Written by Mike Schiff

Production Company M.A.S. Productions

Produced by Mike Schiff
Robert L. Lucas

Cast Michael Berryman
Alex Rafala
Alice Cooper
Bill Moseley
Rob Zombie
Kane Hodder
Kirk Hammett
John Carpenter
Philip Anselmo
Tom Savini
Dave Mustaine
Linnea Quigley
Jonathan Davis
Corey Taylor
and many more.

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