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A message from the last man on Earth to the first humain being born on Mars.

It's exceedingly rare to find a film that is truly unique among its contemporaries, but that's what film festivals are for, right? While it is technically a post-apocalyptic science fiction film, ZERIA more recalls Guy Maddin or the Brothers Quay than, say, FURY ROAD. Using a stunning mix of masks, life-size puppets, elaborate miniatures, and rear projection, writer/director Harry Cleven creates a narrowly focused but wildly ambitious story that spans generations. It is utterly gorgeous and hypnotic, even when telling stories that are bleak and uncomfortable. Those sorts of contrasts are a big part of both the form and structure of ZERIA, lending it a much heavier emotional weight than its slim running time might imply. Strange, beautiful, and singular--this is exactly the kind of cinematic experience a film festival is made for. - Jason Coffman


Directed by Harry Cleven

Written by Harry Cleven

Production Company POPIUL

Produced by Benjamin Stiénon

Cast Johan Leysen (voice over) Coralie Vanderlinden (puppeteer) Merlin Delens (puppeteer)

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