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Stoney Claire McKenzie, fighting to bury blood dreams and a grizzly past, builds herself a new life by hustling a mind-altering elixir.

When the word "fantasy" comes up in discussing a film or movie, people usually think of THE LORD OF THE RINGS or GAME OF THRONES. But two years ago at this very festival Nicholas Ashe Bateman's THE WANTING MARE conjured up a unique world that was not entirely removed from our own. This year, Joe Cornelison pulls off a similar feat of creation with WULVER'S STANE. This world has monsters and magic, but it also has dog-eared paperbacks and public transportation. Bleak castles and dark caves are replaced with distant foreboding skyscrapers and cold concrete passageways; bonfires and torchlight give way to busted streetlights. The incorporation of the supernatural in such a matter-of-fact manner here is striking, as is the film's elliptical structure and beautiful photography. It's honestly hard to believe this is a feature debut--it's assured and ambitious, a strong calling card made with scant resources that makes the case for its filmmakers as talents to watch. - Jason Coffman


Directed by Joseph Cornelison

Written by Joseph Cornelison

Produced by Joseph Cornelison
Taylor Kokas
Dio Traverso
Makena Buchanan

Cast Adrian Collins
Yvonne Keyrouz
Hannah T. Bailey
Kirk Van Sickle
Les Best
Tinus Seaux
Vitalii Ineshin
Kelsey Oliver
Abigail Lucas
and Inna Grudtcina.

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