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Based on a true story. "Voyeurs" is the story of a man who has decided to make his hotel the laboratory for personal fantasies. Behind each door, in the intimacy of crossed paths in the middle of the night, scenes play out before prying eyes. At first glance, all seems normal. But sometimes one must take a look to realize that something is wrong. A motel, its owner, a woman who no longer blinks, bizarre customers, going back and forth from room to room, a woman with pink, black, blonde hair... A dealer, sunken eyes, a murder, an aquarium, dolls, a cop, a model, a TV... The spectacle of life fragmented, cracked on the lenses of the glasses of a man hidden behind an air register, lurking in the shade ... He is the only one to see what is taboo in the light of his fantasies. Unless..

Included with


Directed by Edouard de Luze & Arthur Delaire

Written by Edouard de Luze

Production Company Takt

Produced by Paul Samazeuilh

Cast Jacky Nercessian
Déborah Révy
Benjamin Nissen
Alix Blumberg
Perkins Lyautey
Léo Allard

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