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Would you watch a movie in a horror series if you hadn't seen the previous installments? This might seem like an impossible situation in the streaming era, but in the heyday of the hometown mom & pop video store it was entirely possible you might only have access to GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE or HOWLING VI: THE FREAKS. The first part of Jay Burleson's ambitious double feature project jumps from the early 1980s to the 1990s, skipping three entire entries in an imaginary franchise. While it might not be quite the stunning mimicry of its era as its companion piece, Burleson changes up the look, tone, and style enough to make this truly feel like something from an entirely different creative team. PART V drops viewers into a late-series deep end and leaves them to figure out what's going on: Who the hell is this giggling, masked killer and why is he killing these seemingly random victims? Who's that guy narrating the story? It's a safe bet that the characters are still small-town folks from the same town terrorized by the same killer from THE THIRD SATURDAY IN OCTOBER, but while the movie looks relatively slick the viewer might suspect there's a budgetary reason the guy never takes off his mask. While PART V is fun and the tone is somewhat comedic--and the gore frequently outrageous--the emotional heart of the film centers on the friendship between plucky kid PJ (Poppy Cunningham) and her babysitter Maggie (Kansas Bowling). In between the familiar asshole jock's verbal abuses, the garden shear dismemberments, the random guy in a referee outfit, and a death by burning hot pizza, PJ and Maggie's endearing dynamic helps keep the proceedings at least a little grounded. Maybe you just rented this one and hunted around for a tape of the previous entries in the series trying to figure out why that unexpectedly earnest core relationship would be in this goofy, gruesome slasher. And maybe one day you managed to track down one of the previous installments and found out... - Jason Coffman


Directed by Jay Burleson

Written by Jay Burleson

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