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A devout priest welcomes a struggling couple into his house at Christmas time. What begins as a simple act of kindness quickly becomes the ultimate test of faith once the sanctity of his home is jeopardized.
When filmmaker Eric Pennycoff's name first landed on our radar, it was when our friends at the KNOXVILLE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL (CHECK THEM OUT!!) hosted the world premiere of Eric's debut feature SADISTIC INTENTIONS. We loved it right away. After all, it featured two of our favorite things, metal, and Jeremy Gardner. We later had the opportunity to screen the film ourselves, and our audience dug the movie as much as we did. Later we had a party. King Diamond was played, fire was breathed (really), and we drank a few things. 

Cut to now. Pennycoff's done it again and somehow made a film even more twisted and compulsively watchable than his first. A film Pennycoff has openly stated is NSFC (Not Suitable For Catholics); better still, he's now brought the talented Graham Skipper into the fold. Skipper joins a returning Jeremy Gardner alongside his Sadistic Intentions co-star/real-life wife Taylor Zaudkte. As in Sadistic, their easy chemistry makes the duo a genuine scenery-chewing joy to watch.

With The Leech, Pennycoff has made one of the funnest descents into madness we've seen in a minute. It's wild as all hell, and did we mention it's a Christmas movie? Jeremy Gardner told his mother not to watch it, but we're the sort of folks to start our entire goddamned film festival with it. Later in the week, we hope you'll join us for the recording of a live commentary track in the film's honor set to be used on its blu-ray release. 


Directed by Eric Pennycoff

Written by Eric Pennycoff

Production Company Doomcroak Pictures

Produced by Eric Pennycoff
Scott Smith
Sean Fowler
Robert Owen

Cast Jeremy Gardner
Graham Skipper
Taylor Gardner
Rigo Garay

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