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Argentina, 1970s. A desperate young woman goes to a clinic to have a clandestine abortion. As her pregnancy is already through the fourth month, the doctor refuses. Instead, she proposes to sell the baby to one of her clients and offers to provide shelter in her house until the child is born. Their disturbed personalities will become intertwined in a strange and dangerous relationship.

The "erotic thriller" is still waiting a popular and critical reassessment, and the phrase itself still tends to inspire wary side-eye from many cinephiles. But it's easy to forget the phrase is equally applicable to 90s direct-to-video/cable features and to more "respectable" but no less lurid work by directors like Ken Russell and Brian De Palma. Valentin Javier Diment's THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES calls the latter to mind both in looking back to earlier masters of the form--there's more than a little Hitchcock and Clouzot here--and using those influences as the foundation for a compelling formal exercise. This is not to say the film takes too much of a coldly technical approach to the "erotic thriller," though it ventures into highly uncomfortable territory with impressive style thanks to Diment, cinematographer Claudio Beiza, and some impressive 1970s period production design.

 All the brash cinematic eye candy is emotionally anchored by a pair of spectacular lead performances from Jimena Anganuzzi and Lola Berthet. THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES ultimately feels something like a wild hybrid of De Palma and Almodóvar with a dash of Nikos Nikolaidis's SINGAPORE SLING: Perverse on several levels, gorgeously shot, powerfully acted, compulsively watchable and, above all, highly entertaining. It's just the kind of stylish pulp that threatens to give the "erotic thriller" a good name. - Jason Coffman


Directed by Valentín Javier Diment

Written by Valentín Javier Diment

Cast Jimena Anganuzzi
Lola Berthet
Edgardo Castro

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