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From the festering wound of an impulsive decision is born Isa’s fear that her Abuela is forgetting her. Any twenty-something could tell you they’ve chopped off their hair as a means of regaining agency in uncertain times. Instant regret: what if this exacerbates her dying Abuela’s dementia? Instant defiance: her mother’s disapproving opinion is unwelcome. The harder Isa bites down on the spot of her tongue that tastes like remorse, the more decapitated hair crawls up her drain pipes; a manifestation of her complex anticipatory grief. No choice but to confront it. This horror is a commentary on Latina beauty standards––especially ones that concern women’s hair and are perpetuated by mothers.

Included with


Directed by Cookie Estés

Written by Cookie Estés

Produced by April Acevedo
Jennifer King

Cast Molly Hernández
Daniella Pereira

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