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There’s no one alive who hasn’t had a moment of flightful fancy and thought, “what would I be willing to do for fame and success?” It’s a standard metric of measuring ambition and circumstance- an abstraction to ponder and then move on with the business of the day. Can you sacrifice a relationship? Can you give up on a furry friend? Can you weather the casual homophobia of the outside world? Can you deal with a ghost that is destabilizing your life in ways that you can’t hope to understand because how can we know signifiers of the next world? These are the questions percolating in Roberto Doveris’ captivating, imaginative journey into modern life at its most unexpected. It’s funny, it’s deeply weird, there are some slowburn scares that sneak up on you, and by the end you’ve taken a journey unlike anything else. - Jason Shawhan


Directed by Roberto Doveris

Written by Roberto Doveris

Cast Juan Cano
Ingrid Isensee
Violeta Castillo

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