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Theodore Schaefer's directorial debut is a quirky dysfunctional family drama that will draw comparison to David Lynch not only for it's enigmatic tone but also for it's what I can only imagine purposeful casting choices. A family, led by real life couple Annie Parisse and Paul Sparks, who want nothing to do with who they individually are and continually questioning the role they play and their life choices, begins as a slow burn and simmers at that pace throughout the 77 minute run time. Giving Birth to a Butterfly is both a not so subtle philosophy lesson and dream scape scenario wrapped in an almost Thelma and Louise premise. The theme of expectations and missed opportunities plague the film as do twins and the search for one's identity both metaphorically and actually. With it's mundane tone and then a complete metamorphosis and revelation of possibilities for its characters this has the potential for being a divisive film and yet one the viewer will want to discuss at length with others. - Cati Glidewell


Directed by Theodore Schaefer

Written by Patrick Lawler
Theodore Schaefer

Production Company Dweck Productions

Produced by Daryl Freimark
Theodore Schaefer

Cast Annie Parisse
Gus Birney
Paul Sparks
Owen Campbell
Rachel Resheff

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