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Between the Headphones
KYLE (Barnaby Omar) lives alone in what appears to be a very organized, well-maintained home. Kyle’s morning routine become quickly apparent for its simplistic and mundane way. Before leaving, Kyle will routinely be torn between picking the housephone, a leaflet or his headphones, but inevitably chooses the headphones. He wears the headphones anytime he can, appearing at ease with them. Kyle follows his home routine by visiting a local, independent, full-of-character, coffee shop, where he is frequently greeted by AUTUMN (Hanna Jarman), the pleasant shop owner. However, Kyle’s unusual and awkward behaviour catches her attention and she begins to take an interest in him. Sitting in a small, life-less, call-center like office, Kyle appears uncomfortable due to being prohibited from wearing his headphones. Beside Kyle is his confident and bubbly colleague, MIKE (Tudur Owen), who continuously tries to engage with Kyle. The nature of the job appears to be difficult for Kyle, causing him to become quickly unsettled amongst his colleagues. ​ Kyle ends his day by sitting and reading in a small garden, seemingly the only place he feels truly comfortable. ​ Each day, Kyle attempts to make a small difference to his routine, but each time if appears more and more challenging. He cannot seperate himself from his headphones and his over-reliance on them quickly becomes apparent to others, causing a strain on and new and old relationships.

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Directed by Matt Colin Evans

Written by Matt Colin Evans

Production Company Bangor University

Produced by Matt Colin Evans

Cast Barnaby Omar
Hanna Jarman
Tudur Owen